Conversion Program 

In addition to Valero’s broad-based advertising support, the company provides marketers a wide assortment of cost-free materials to help locations make a smooth transition to the Valero family of brands.

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Becoming a Branded Station is Easy

Valero pays for the transformation. All branded locations (including Shamrock and Beacon) receive startup kits to promote conversions and allow for convenient operation on day one.


Credit Card Startup Kits
These kits enable marketers to process Valero's credit, gift and feet card offerings, as well as generally accepted bank and debit cards.  Valero branded locations automatically recieve shipments of Valero "Coming Soon" kits as outlined below.
Credit Card Start-up Kit
Coming Soon Kits Valero "Coming Soon" Kits

At the start of the conversion process, Valero-branded sites receive a kit containing pump toppers and window and wall signs informing customers that the Valero brand will be coming soon to the location. Pamphlets are included that can be passed along to consumers providing a brief overview of Valero, the brand and the company. Credit card marketing materials such as POP, invitations to apply with holders and credit card decals for pumps (showing the accepted cards) are other key components of the kit.

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