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Valero offers branded distributors and dealers some of the latest innovations in satellite and broadband communications technology at very competitive rates.

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More than half of all purchases in convenience stores are made with credit and debit cards. The more quickly and reliably these transactions are processed, the greater the benefit to motorists and marketers alike. The satellite and broadband communications technology Valero offers is designed to do just that, as well as reduce credit and debit card transaction costs (compared to dial-up).

All new Valero-branded sites are required to install one of the company’s authorized network connectivity systems. Two options are available – satellite or V-Link – described in more detail below. Although these systems and related cost savings are available to Shamrock- and Beacon-branded marketers, they are not required.


Valero has selected SpaceNet Inc. to provide the equipment, installation and services necessary to support a satellite system.

  • Significantly decreases transaction times while reducing costs
  • SpaceNet technician attaches small satellite dish to store's exterior, and installs interface device inside store connecting to existing POS system
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Valero has partnered with Transaction Network Services (TNS), one of the world's leading providers of fast, cost-effective data communications services, to provide branded marketers another state-of-the-art broadband option called V-Link.

  • Alternative to satellite that provides marketers a choice between two high-speed communications solutions
  • FusionPoint Express, a "bring-your-own" broadband connection option
  • FusionPoint Complete, an end-to-end managed service
  • Both options use TNS' extensive telecommunications network, the largest, fully managed, value-added network in the payment industry
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