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Business Partners 

Valero’s business is refining and marketing, and the company offers many high-quality fuel products to its customers as well as opportunities for business partners and suppliers. Explore the links below to learn more.

Why do Business with Valero?
  • Consistent, high-quality products mean dependable, reliable supply.
  • Many accessible locations and delivery options make it easy to deliver and receive quantities large and small.
  • Unparalleled customer support and service give you the attention you need as a valued business partner.
  • Strong brand recognition reflects the marketing power of Valero as it stands behind its products.
Become a Valero Brand Wholesale Distributor or Dealer
  • Great advertising
  • Strong brand
  • High-quality fuels and products
  • Clean, fresh image
  • Distributor-focused management
Valero Branded Location
Become an Unbranded Customer
Easy access enables you to take delivery from facilities across the country.
Reliable supply means you can count on the product you need to be there.
Great value and quality fuel satisfy you and your dealers.
Purchase Large Amounts of Fuel Direct
Valero offers many ways to purchase and transport fuel to meet your needs.
National, Regional & Local Purchases
Whether its one tank truck or a dozen, your trucks or Valero's, national or local delivery, Valero can partner with you to get you the fuel you want, when you want it.
Rack and Bulk Purchasing
Large quantities including tankers of the following fuels can be purchased bulk.
Buy Specialty Products
Valero offers a wide variety of specialty products for various industries.
Fleet Services
If you have a fleet of vehicles, Valero has a plan to meet your fuel and tracking needs.
Valero Fleet Card
General Terms and Conditions
Valero Marketing and Supply Company General Terms and Conditions for Petroleum Product Purchase and Sales, 2014 Edition
Marine Provisions
Valero Marketing and Supply Company Marine Provisions, 2014 Edition v2
Valero Supplement 1
Valero Supplement 1, Government Contract Provisions from Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Department of Defense Federal Regulation Supplement (DFARS)
Valero Supplement 2
Valero Supplement 2, Government Contract Representations and Certifications
Valero Transportation Services
For all of Valero’s products, transportation services are available.
Want to be a Valero Supplier?
Valero is always looking for quality, reliable vendors who can supply specialized equipment, raw materials or transportation services.
Want to buy used / surplus equipment?
Find out what used / surplus equipment is currently available at Valero.
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Vision Statement
Learn about Valero's guiding principles in its focus on safety, environment, communities, employees and stakeholders.
Our Locations
Discover Valero's locations, and learn what products are refined at each one.