Credit Card Program 

Valero has developed a successful line of credit card offerings available to customers of all branded marketers, including Shamrock and Beacon.

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Credit Card Program
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Credit and Gift Cards Support Sales

Valero’s credit and gift cards support sales and promote customer loyalty. Valero’s proprietary credit card offers many advantages to consumers, all designed for convenience and value. 

Promotions Encourage Participation

Valero’s Pump-A-Discount (PAD) Program helps Valero-branded marketers reduce costs of credit card transactions by shifting consumers to no-cost cash and no-cost credit transactions. 

Gift and Fuel Card Fuel and Gift Cards Generate Revenue
  • Consumers can charge up to $150 per visit for fuel and merchandise at thousands of branded locations.
  • Consumers enjoy smooth-flowing shopping, thanks to Valero’s state-of-the-art Network Connectivity systems that save time.
  • Valero’s prepaid Gift Card allows consumers to choose cash limits up to $300 for gas, snacks and more, with several convenient billing options.
  • Valero Gift Card kit for marketers comes with cards, display holders and signage, all provided at no cost.
Fleet Sales Bring in Commercial Customers

Valero services more than 26,000 fleet/commercial accounts representing nearly 190,000 vehicles. For marketers who want to grow fleet/commercial sales, Valero can provide:

  • Multi-level reporting and purchase control options
  • Volume discounts and the latest data capture, billing and collections technology
  • Marketing materials provided at no cost and 24-hour customer service
  • Online account maintenance and back-end administration
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