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Valero provides transportation in areas of trucking, rail, pipeline and marine to fit product needs both internally and for its customers.

  • Valero uses rail cars to transport products including ethanol, liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, fuel oil, sulfur, aromatics and other petrochemicals.
  • The rail fleet supports Valero’s refinery and marketing operations across North America.
  • Valero leases several thousand rail cars in its fleet and also leases a substantial amount of storage tracks across the U.S.


  • Valero transports a significant amount of crude oil, intermediate feedstocks and finished products via inland barges and ocean-going vessels.
  • The company actively charters equipment on both a spot and term basis in the inland barge and ocean-going vessel segments.
  • Valero uses both American-flag and foreign-flag ocean-going vessels.


  • Valero’s Delivered Business Program offers complete, end-to-end managed delivery service tailored to customers’ exact specifications – at a competitive rate.
  • Personalized, 24-hour support from experienced specialists ensures customers receive the type and amount of liquid product they want, where and when they want it, and efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.


  • Logistics Operations include crude, light products and liquefied petroleum gas pipelines, petroleum storage terminals, truck racks, asphalt terminal and blending facilities and a crude gathering system.
  • Operations primarily support Valero refining and marketing commercial operations moving feedstocks from the wellhead and products to the consumer.
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