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Pipeline Public Awareness Program 
The goal of the Valero Energy Pipeline Public Awareness Program is to enhance safety and environmental protection through increased public awareness and knowledge. Public awareness programs should raise the awareness of the affected public and key stakeholder audiences of the presence of pipelines in their communities and increase their understanding of the role of pipelines in transporting energy. Valero is committed to operating safely and protecting the environment. Increasing awareness in the communities along Valero's pipelines reduces the likelihood and potential impact of emergencies and releases through education and programs like Call Before You Dig.
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Pipeline Public Awareness Program

 Public Awareness Brochures

Informational Brochures

Find out more about Valero’s Pipeline Public Awareness Program by exploring the information below.


In the event of a pipeline emergency, contact one of the below Pipeline Control Centers:


Refinery Pipelines


Ardmore, Okla., area pipelines: (866) 342-1602

Benicia, Calif., area pipelines: (707) 745-7562

Corpus Christi, Texas, area pipelines: (361) 289-6000

Houston area pipelines: (713) 923-3506

St. Charles (New Orleans), La., area pipelines: (985) 764-4643

Texas City, Texas, area pipelines: (409) 948-7390

Wilmington (Long Beach), Calif., area pipelines: (562) 491-6803


Valero Terminaling and Distribution Company


Chicago area: (800) 524-8483

Memphis, Tenn., area: (866) 423-0898

Port Arthur/Beaumont, Texas, area; Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle area; Three Rivers, Texas, area: (866) 382-5376


Community Information Emergency Responders Information Excavation and Digging Farming Community Public Officials and Planning and Zoning Personnel

Click here to view the Integrity Management Plan (IMP) Information.

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