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1Q & 2Q Turnaround Schedule Update 
San Antonio, Texas 

Below is a copy of Valero's current turnaround schedule. This schedule is still valid through the second quarter of 2011. However, not listed on this schedule (because it is not a main production unit) was a planned turnaround of the vacuum unit at the McKee refinery, which was to have taken place concurrent with the upcoming hydrocracker turnaround. This vacuum unit turnaround has been postponed, most likely until sometime in the first half of 2012, for refinery optimization reasons. The McKee HCU turnaround is still scheduled to begin in April.

Let me know if you have questions.

 Refinery Unit BPD Month Days
 Benicia Plantwide 170,000 Jan. 42
 Port Arthur Crude/Coker 100,000 Feb. 51
 Houston Crude 90,000 Feb. 24
 St. Charles MSCC/Alky 100,000 March 56
 Ardmore Plantwide 90,000 March 37
McKee HCU 30,000 April 24

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