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Charles City 
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Charles City, IA Plant
Daily Corn Bids
Feb 10 Bids Basis Futures Month
Feb 2016 3.40 -.20 3.60 March (H)
Mar 2016 3.42 -.18 3.60 March (H)
Apr 2016 3.44 -.21 3.65 May (K)
May 2016 3.44 -.21 3.65 May (K)
Jun 2016 3.44 -.26 3.70 July (N)
Jul 2016 3.44 -.26 3.70 July (N)
Aug 2016 3.52 -.24 3.76 September (U)
Sep 2016 3.51 -.25 3.76 September (U)
Oct 2016 3.57 -.27 3.84 December (Z)
Nov 2016 3.57 -.27 3.84 December (Z)
Dec 2016 3.59 -.25 3.84 December (Z)
Jan 2017 3.62 -.30 3.92 March (H)
Feb 2017 3.64 -.28 3.92 March (H)
Mar 2017 3.67 -.25 3.92 March (H)
Apr 2017 3.70 -.28 3.98 May (K)
May 2017 3.72 -.26 3.98 May (K)
Jun 2017 3.73 -.29 4.02 July (N)
Jul 2017 3.73 -.29 4.02 July (N)


 Bids are subject to change without notice!

- Defer Pay Contracts (MUST notify before delivery)

- Weekly Moisture Averaging on truck unloads (17.1 and above to stand alone, will not average)  

Grain Delivery Hours:

Week of February 8, 2016.

Thursday - Friday  7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Week of February 15, 2016.

Monday (2-15-16): Closed for President's Day Holiday

Tuesday - Friday  7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Please use exit 212 off Highway 18/27 and come to the facility from the south (like when county road T-44 is embargo) to deliver corn to our facility.

No Parking is allowed on County Road T-44 north of the plant!


2015/ 2016 Price Later Contract Program:

Free Price Later Contract service fee for any bushels delivered now with pricing by August 31, 2016


Speed limits and stop signs are in place for everyones safety, please obey all speed limits and stop signs.  Violaters will NOT be allowed to return.


Please click the link below to download our new Delivery Information Sheet.





Corn Procurement Policy

Prices are based on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBoT) corn futures minus local basis for a specified time frame.

Valero offers a variety of contracts. Each contract will have a specified time of delivery, commonly a two-week window. Please contact the Charles City office for more information. Failure to deliver specified bushels in a stated time frame will be considered a breach of contract and penalties or cancellations may apply.

Payments are made once per week, every Wednesday. For example, corn delivered Monday through Sunday of week 1 will be paid on Wednesday of week 2.

  • Loads will be applied on oldest contracts.
  • Overfills will be on any bushels over contract amount.
  • Load contracts are available.

Please see Discount Schedule. Additional discounts:

  • Corn containing two or more live weevils or 10 or more live grain insects per sample will be discounted five cents per bushel.
  • Corn containing rodent or bird contamination, stones, glass or other commercially undesirable foreign material will be rejected.
  • Official grades can be requested at time of unloading at the shipper's expense.
Valero Renewables-Charles City is located near Charles City, Iowa, approximately 35 miles east of Mason City and 170 miles south of Minneapolis. The bio-refinery sits on 225 acres and started ethanol production in April 2007. The facility uses a dry-grind production method and state-of-the-art technology to maintain industry-leading standards in production, safety, product quality and environmental stewardship. The Charles City plant annually processes nearly 43 million bushels of corn into 120 million gallons of denatured ethanol and 400,000 tons of distillers grains co-products. The bio-refinery has a nameplate capacity of 110 million gallons of ethanol per year and employs more than 65 full-time personnel.
The entire kernel of corn is converted to ethanol or distillers grains. Ethanol is an environmentally friendly, high-octane renewable fuel produced by fermenting converted corn starch with yeast. It is used as a blending agent with gasoline. Distillers grains are the co-product left after the ethanol is removed from fermented corn mash, and are sold as a valuable livestock feed. Distillers grains are high in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, making an excellent feed supplement for beef and dairy cattle, swine and poultry. The Charles City plant markets both dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) and modified (or wet) distillers grains with solubles (MDGS).
The plant timeline:
  • February 2004 – Community leaders began working on plans for the plant
  • August 2005 – Plans were announced for the plant in Floyd County
  • January 2006 – Announced purchase of the site near Charles City
  • March 2006 – Construction began
  • May 2006 – Groundbreaking celebrated
  • April 2007 – Startup activities began
  • August 2007 – Grand opening celebrated
  • April 2009 – Valero Renewables closed on purchase of the plant from VeraSun Energy
Awards & Honors
  • Earned an honorable mention for the Valero Chairman’s Award for Renewables Plant Excellence for 2014, recognizing results across several areas: personnel and process safety, environmental performance, reliability, production and profitability, community involvement, and commercial and logistics performance
Community Activity
  • Employees pledged or raised more than $22,000 for United Way in 2014, for donations in 2015, with company match projected to bring total plant contribution to approximately $33,000
  • Distributed $26,000 to area children's charities from the Valero Texas Open and Benefit for Children, including to Bridges Mentoring Program, Charles City YMCA, Charles City Community School District (Caring Connections-Mentor a Child), and Floyd County 4-H Youth Development Program
  • Held several volunteer events in 2014, logging 2,032 total hours
  • Annual Angel Tree project participant
  • Annual Food Pantry food drive
  • Annual Salvation Army bell-ringers
  • Annual Relay For Life sponsor-American Cancer Society
  • Annual Party in the Park-Community Revitalization Program
  • Charity golf tournaments
  • White Water Challenge
  • Charles Theater
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • Community parades
  • School Supplies-Charles City Community School District
  • Football concession stand-Charles City High School
  • Soup Luncheon-benefiting various nonprofit organizations
  • Spook Run-YMCA
  • Spook Walk-Community Revitalization
  • Toys for Tots
  • Community Kitchen
  • Floyd County Fair
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Contact Us
Valero Renewables-Charles City
1787 Quarry Road
Charles City, Iowa  50616
Send Email(641) 715-3000(641) 715-3050
To Sell Corn
Mark Hillebrand
Manager-Grains Procurement
Send Email(641) 715-3020(866) 513-CORN (2676), toll-free
To Purchase Distillers Grains
Angela Nelson
Distillers Grain Sales Rep (Local Truck Sales)
Send Email(641) 715-3058(866) 513-CORN (2676), toll-free(641) 715-3050
Allan Assmann
Manager-Distillers Grain Sales (Bulk Rail Sales)
Send Email(402) 727-5300