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Aruba Refinery

Purchased in 2004 by Valero, the Aruba Refinery has been through significant upgrades since it was re-commissioned in the early 1990s. The Aruba refinery processes lower-cost heavy sour crude oil and produces a high yield of finished distillate products and valuable intermediate feedstocks that can be marketed in the U.S. Gulf Coast, Florida, the New York Harbor, the Caribbean, South America and Europe. Because the refinery’s product slate matches up so well with the rest of Valero’s system, the company is able to move produced feedstocks to its refineries in the Gulf Coast and West Coast, as well as Paulsboro, N.J., and refineries on the East Coast.

  • Located on approximately 800 acres on the southern tip of the island country of Aruba
  • Commissioned in 1929 by Standard Oil
  • Shut down in 1985 by Exxon and restarted in 1990 by Coastal Oil
  • Purchased by Valero from El Paso Energy in 2004
  • Nearly $500 million invested since acquisition to improve safety, reliability and profitability
  • Total throughput capacity of 235,000 barrels per day (BPD)
  • Produces high-yield finished distillate products and intermediate feedstocks
  • Excellent logistics, including two deepwater marine docks with capacity for ultra-large crude carriers, six docks for refined products and a truck rack for local sales
  • Sixty-three storage tanks with almost 12 million barrels of storage capacity
  • Employs approximately 780 individuals
Community Activities
The people of Aruba Refinery:
  • Donated $190,000 to the Aruba Way
  • Nominated 14 organizations to receive donations from the Valero Benefit for Children Golf Classic, including sports associations, organizations that work with children with special needs and orphanages throughout Aruba
  • Raised more than $400,000 for the Aruba Way by organizing the annual golf tournament
  • Spent a day cleaning up the barrier reefs off the coast of the refinery where 20 percent of the world's Royal Tern population nest every year
  • Adopted one local school for a Mentor the Children program
  • Organized a Walk for Breast Cancer and raised $9,000
  • Donated more than 4,000 hours helping various well-deserving organizations through the Valero Aruba Volunteer Council
Contact Us
Aruba Refinery
5 Lago Weg
San Nicolas, Aruba
(800) 877-3906
Community Relations
Send Email(210) 345-2615