Jean Gaulin 
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Quebec City - Jean Gaulin Refinery
The original refinery outside Quebec City, Canada -- today known as the Jean Gaulin refinery -- was brought on line in October 1971 with a rated capacity 100,000 barrels per day (BPD). It was designed as a topping refinery with heavy oil and middle distillates as the largest volume products. Several major upgrades were implemented in 1980 through 1983. The refinery was further expanded beyond the year 2000 with the construction of a new crude unit, catalytic reformer unit, gasoline desulfurization unit (GDU) and distillate desulfurization unit, increasing the refinery’s nominal design capacity to 265,000 BPD. In order to reduce crude costs, acid crude processing capabilities were also added. Additionally, many projects were developed to meet new government fuel standards including the reduction of the benzene content in gasoline, the addition of a GDU to reduce sulfur in gasoline blend, and an ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) unit to meet new targets on diesel sulfur content. The refinery processes cost-advantaged North American and overseas crude oil received via ship, rail and pipeline, and has significant storage capacity for crude oil, and intermediate and refined products. The plant can also accommodate liquefied petroleum gas in its pressurized storage vessels or tanks.
  • Commissioned in 1971, with major upgrades since then
  • One of six refineries acquired in the purchase of Ultramar Diamond Shamrock in 2002
  • Ranks in the first quarter for overall refinery performance in North America (Solomon Index)
  • Nominal design capacity of approximately 265,000 BPD
  • Products include gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, home heating oil, butane and No. 6 fuel oil
  • Located on a 370-acre site on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, immediately across from Quebec City in the province of Quebec, Canada
  • Location and deep-water dock allow refinery to receive year-round shipments of crude oil from large crude oil tankers
  • Ability to receive large, single cargoes up to 1 million barrels gives it a significant advantage over other refineries
  • Charters large crude oil tankers that are double-bottomed, ice-strengthened and double-hulled so that they can safely navigate the St. Lawrence River in the winter
  • Finished products moved out by conventional tank car, rail car and "unit train," Pipeline Saint-Laurent, or can be moved out by ship
  • Employs approximately 500 personnel
Awards & Honors
In the past few years, the Jean Gaulin refinery has received recognition for its work in safety and also in the community.  Some examples of these awards are:
  • Earned the Valero Chairman's Award for Reliability four out of the past eight years, posting the best reliability numbers of Valero's 15 refineries in those years
  • Twice approved as a Valero Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) "Star Site," after passing rigorous safety audits by third-party inspectors
  • Silver Grade-level recognition from Recyc-Quebec, a Quebec government agency, in 2014 for efforts in recycling, and improved management and reduction of waste generation, reaching an 88.9 percent waste-recovery rate
  • Multiple-time recipient of a “Coup de Coeur” award for the Industrial Division of the local United Way for its exceptional annual campaign
  • Multiple-time recipient of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and “Fideides” in the Business & Community Involvement category for its overall impact in the community
Community Activities
It is important for the management and the employees of the Jean Gaulin refinery to be actively present in the community. Here are a few examples of this involvement.
  • Employee and company donations to Centraide topped $640,000 in 2014
  • Annual benefit golf tournament raised nearly $4 million for children's charities the past 10 years, including $300,000 in 2014
  • Dedicated to the major health-care centers locally
  • Committed to supporting education and efforts to encourage students to stay in school; significant support to Educaide and employee volunteer involvement
  • Annual Family Day where volunteers spend the day cleaning the river banks and providing information about the environment and summer-activities safety
  • Green classes organized and animated by refinery employees for local primary schools in the “Parc Les Écarts”
  • Employee participation every year in a blood drive; mobile blood-drive center brought to the refinery to facilitate blood donation by employees
  • Group of employees serves lunch each month in a local food bank
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