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Voices for Energy 

Many issues debated in Congress and the Administration are harmful to the American energy industry. Domestic energy production is often threatened, resulting in a possible increase in foreign oil dependence, unemployment, and a further decline of an already troubled economy. You can be a Voice for Energy. We encourage you to take action and convey your message to legislators. By doing so, you’re not only supporting our company and our industry, but American energy security, American jobs and the American economy.

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 Voices for Energy

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The Keystone XL Pipeline project proposed by TransCanada Corp. of Alberta, Canada, will greatly benefit North American energy security and production, as well as the economy. The pipeline will begin in Hardisty, Alberta, and continue to a delivery point in Nederland, Texas. It will provide more than 700,000 barrels of Canadian oil each day to the U.S. market, increasing oil flow from a safe and reliable source.
The economic benefits are far-reaching; the pipeline is expected to create nearly 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs in the U.S., as well as provide more than $5.2 billion in tax revenue to the Keystone XL corridor states. It will support American workers who produce the oil, as well as American companies that refine it.
The pipeline has yet to be approved by the U.S. Department of State, and has entered into a new phase of the decision-making process. The Department is in the midst of a 90-day consultation period that will lead up to its final decision. During this consultation period, public comments are welcomed and encouraged.
It is important that supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline submit comments and make their voices heard. Please visit to submit comments of support. Your participation is key in prompting a favorable regulatory decision. The Keystone XL Pipeline will greatly benefit North American energy production and the economy as a whole.
Thank you for your support of this important issue.
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