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Valero has 58,500 barrels per day of asphalt production capacity in the United States. The company has five asphalt-producing refineries producing various grades of performance-grade asphalt. Valero markets asphalt out of the refineries as well as through a network of nine terminals.

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Often referred to as the “bottom of the barrel,” it is easy to overlook asphalt as one of the many products derived from a barrel of crude oil. In reality, there are many more applications for asphalt than just paving. Asphalt can also be used for roofing, batteries, automotive parts, and other materials used for building and construction.


As one of the largest asphalt producers in the United States, Valero strives to be a reliable supplier offering a variety of performance-grade paving and roofing asphalts. In addition to these, Valero also offers specialty asphalts manufactured with polymer, ground tire rubber, PPA and warm-mix modifiers.


Valero is a member of the Asphalt Institute, the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) and numerous other state industry associations. For more education on asphalt including its different uses and applications, please visit the links provided below.

Key Projects Include:

·         AT&T Stadium


·         New Jersey Turnpike


·         John F. Kennedy Airport


·         George Washington Bridge


·         Pennsylvania Turnpike


·         San Francisco International Airport


·         California Speedway


·        Angel Stadium of Anaheim


·         Los Angeles Port Authority


·        San Joaquin Toll Road, Orange County’s first toll road


·         Long Beach Freeway


·        Texas SH130 Toll Road Extension, first road in the country with an 85 m.p.h. speed limit    


 Valero's asphalt products are available in the cities mapped below:

Asphalt Contacts
Mike Worth
Executive Director Asphalt Marketing & Supply
Send Email1-210-345-2957
Rail or Waterborne Purchases and Sales
Kat Crownover
Sr. Mgr Asphalt Supply & Trading
Rail or Waterborne Purchases and Sales
Send Email210-345-3794
Asphalt Contacts by Region
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North American Pavement Association
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