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Naphthenic Oils 
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Naphthenic Oils:

Valero produces a complete line of naphthenic base oil products at the Three Rivers Refinery (Texas). Valero has an exclusive agreement with NYNAS, USA to market naphthenic oils.

·        Naphthenic

      These products are used as transformer oils, coolants, solvents, cutting fluids and some lubricants.

Base Oils Sales Contacts
George Meier
Sr Mgr Area Sales - Midwest
Send Email636-458-8941314-225-6559363-273-5094
Customer Service & Inquiries
General Inquiries
Valero Marketing and Supply Co.
Naphthenic Oils
P.O. Box 696000
San Antonio, Texas  78269-6000
Send Email636-458-8941314-225-6559
Customer Service
Naphthenic Oils
P.O. Box 696000
San Antonio, Texas  78269-6000
Send Email636-458-8941
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