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Natural Gas Liquids 

Valero produces and consumes natural gas liquids (NGL) products at each refinery location. Products include propane, normal butane, refinery-grade butane, isobutane, natural gasoline and propylene. The NGL Trading group markets and supplies these products for Valero’s refining system.   

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What Valero's Products Are Used For:


·         Propane (bulk) is sold for petrochemical feed.


·         Normal butane is sold for petrochemical feed, and refinery-grade butane is sold and purchased for gasoline blending.


·          Iso-butane is purchased as feed for alkylation units.


·          Natural gasoline is sold and purchased for petrochemical feed and gasoline blending.


·          Propylene is sold for petrochemical feed.


 Valero's wholesale NGL products are available in the cities mapped below:

NGL & Propylene Contacts
Susan Brothers - Exec Dir NGL and Propylene Trading
Corpus Christi, Port Arthur and Natural Gasoline
Send Email210-345-2839210-444-8516
Brian Holladay – Sr Manager NGL Trading
Benicia, Wilmington, St. Charles Meraux, Memphis and C4 Olefins
Send Email210-345-2809210-444-8516
Kyle Lilly – Manager NGL Trading
Houston, Texas City and Mont Belvieu
Send Email210-345-5950210-370-4433
Sonia Westerveld – NGL/ Propylene Trading
Ardmore, McKee, Three Rivers and Propylene
Send Email210-345-2838210-362-7905
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