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Throughout 11 refineries and several distribution terminals in the United States and Mexico, Valero produces approximately 28,000 barrels per day of propane and markets the product via rail car, truck and pipeline distribution systems. 

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Valero is always seeking new ways to improve operations and use its refinery network synergies for the benefit of the consumer. The company's propane marketing department is here to help achieve that purpose.
Propane serves a variety of functions both in everyday life and in industry -- whether used in home heating, backyard barbecue grills, water heaters, crop drying, petrochemical feedstocks, forklift fuel, taxi fleets or even city bus motor fuels. In addition, propane is a clean-burning fuel. Because of propane's low-carbon content, users can help cut greenhouse-gas emissions, improve air quality and protect the environment.
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 Valero's wholesale propane products are available in the cities mapped below:

Propane Contacts
Shirley Moy
Sr. Manager Marketing
Send Email210-345-3527210-370-4555
Andrea Chionsini
Associate Trader
Send Email210-345-2850210-362-7949
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