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Valero produces aromatic solvents, toluene and mixed xylenes, used in adhesives, coating and paints. 

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The Solvents Valero Makes:


·         Toluene

        Toluene solvent is a high-purity form of toluene which is sold in truck and rail-car lots from the Valero Three Rivers Refinery.


·         Mixed xylenes

        Mixed xylenes solvent is a high-purity form of xylene which is sold in truck and rail-car lots from the Three Rivers Refinery.


·         MSO feedstock

        MSO is a distillation fraction between kerosene and gas oil, widely used as a solvent oil in gas adsorption processes, as a lubricant for the rolling of metal foil and as a base oil in many specialty formulations. In addition, it has applications in fuels testing and oil drilling.


 Valero's wholesale solvents products are available in the cities mapped below:

Solvents Sales Contacts
George Meier
Sr Mgr Area Sales - Midwest
Send Email636-458-8941314-225-6559210-370-4225
Solvents Scheduling Contacts
John Kimbrough
Send Email210-345-2087210-378-4976
Jessica Martinez
Send Email210-345-2449210-370-4870
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