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Valero produces elemental sulfur with a combined annual production of 1.6 million tons. Annually, the company's U.S. Gulf Coast and Caribbean regions produce 1.2 million tons, East Coast refineries produce 180,000 tons, the West Coast region produces 150,000 tons and the Mid-Continent region produces 70,000 tons.

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Sulfur Products:


·         Molten sulfur

        The refineries produce molten sulfur that can be loaded into trucks or rail cars.


·         Prilled sulfur

        The international market trades sulfur in a solid form called “prilled.”  Valero has the ability to produce molten sulfur into prilled at an annual rate of 400,000 tons per year. Beginning in 2010, Valero’s capacity to produce prilled sulfur will increase to 900,000 tons per year.


 Valero's wholesale sulfur products are available in the cities mapped below:

Sulfur Sales Contacts
Evelyn Jimenez
Marketing Manager
Send Email210-345-2620210-370-4159
Sulfur Sales - West Coast
Sulfur Scheduling Contacts
Shelia Bishop
Send Email210-345-2559210-370-4422
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