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Valero produces benzene, toluene and mixed xylenes through the extraction process and fractionation from its Bill Greehey Refinery complex (Corpus Christi, Texas) and Three Rivers Refinery.

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The Products Valero Offers:


·         Benzene

        Produced from the extraction process and is used in basic materials from plywood to Styrofoam.


·         Toluene

        Produced from the same process as benzene and is used as an octane booster for motor gasoline. It can be processed into benzene and mixed xylene or used in the process of making polyurethane foam.


·         Mixed xylenes

        Produced from the extraction process and fractionation. Mixed xylenes are converted into para-xylene, which is used to make polyester PET – a solid plastic.


 Valero's wholesale aromatics products are available in the cities mapped below:

Aromatics Sales Contacts
Duane Simmons
Marketing Manager
Send Email210-345-2486210-370-4682
Aromatics Scheduling Contacts
Stefanie Diebler
Send Email210-345-5962210-370-4924
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