Fleet Credit Card Programs

Fleet Card Top Programs for Your Bottom Line

When you sign up for a Valero Fleet Account, you're getting a steady supply of some of the highest quality fuel available, plus a combination of fuel discounts and security controls that will give a healthy boost to your company's bottom line.

Valero Fleet Credit Card

  • Earn up to 8 cents per gallon on fuel purchases*
  • Flexible payment terms let you choose whether to pay the minimum or the full balance†
  • Take control of your account with reports that meet your company's needs for a monthly report fee of $15
  • Manage your account and sign up to receive your statements online and we will WAIVE the $15 MONTHLY REPORT FEE
  • Report options include Vehicle, Driver, and Summary Reports
  • Customized cards for all vehicles controlled by a PIN that is assigned to each driver
  • Have up to two in-store cards at the locations of your choice

Valero Commercial Credit Card

  • Designed for small businesses that require less detail
  • Flexible payment terms let you choose whether to pay the minimum or the full balance†
  • No PIN numbers required
  • View and pay your account online
  • No monthly report fee
  • Monthly billing shows total dollars spent and where purchases were made

*Commercial accounts are not eligible for the Discount Program. Valero Fleet Account Discounts are available to Fleet Accounts at participating locations (where the Valero Fleet Discount Site sign is displayed) and will be earned only when balances due are paid within terms.

†Government accounts are not eligible for revolving payment terms.

50,000 and over$.08