How We Are Addressing Climate Change Risk

Valero volunteer planting greenery

We have a demonstrated track record of reducing emissions in our operations and producing low-carbon fuels for future generations.

As part of our strategy to be the safest, most reliable and best operator in the business, we will continue our efforts to:

  • Focus on safety, reliability and operations excellence to consistently deliver essential transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstocks;
  • Strive to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and invest in opportunities that improve our environmental stewardship;
  • Lead the industry in low-carbon renewable fuels, regularly evaluating opportunities to expand production; and
  • Execute a long-term strategy that addresses shifting consumer needs under a changing policy and technology landscape. 

Environmental Management System

To achieve continued improvement in environmental performance, Valero's robust Environmental Management System goes beyond compliance and has helped drive down environmental events to record lows. It has three major components:

  • Commitment to Excellence Management Systems (CTEMS): A proprietary systematic approach that involves internal investigation and remediation following any environmental incident.
  • Fuels Management System: New operational safeguards, software, auditing and protocols, and more uniformity across our labs and other processes.
  • Environmental Excellence and Risk Assessment Program: A new program that proactively manages environmental risk, minimizing negative impacts to the community and employees.

We Are Committed Stewards of the Environment

Flare gas recovery system

Reducing Emissions

Even as Valero has increased U.S. refinery throughput capacity, air emissions* have dropped.

Air Emissions

  • Air emissions dropped 32% from 2008, while total throughput increased by 32%.

Flaring Reductions

  • 89% reduction in total flaring events since 2008. (Pictured at Right: Flare Gas Recovery System at Valero Bill Greehey Refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas.)
Pembroke employee testing emissions

Greenhouse Gases

  • We track and publicly disclose our greenhouse gas emissions and closely follow regulatory developments.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions per barrel of throughput at our U.S. refineries have dropped 21% since 2010.
  • Our low carbon renewable diesel can cut life cycle greenhouse gases by up to 80%, compared with traditional diesel.

 *criteria emissions, defined by the EPA as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and sulfur dioxide, U.S. Refineries only.

Emissions Reductions

Valero Emissions Reduction Infographic

Flaring Reductions

Valero Flaring Reductions Infographic