Valero has made a $1 million donation to the BYU College of Engineering to support a variety of college initiatives and to provide resources to three spaces inside its newly constructed Engineering Building.

Part of Valero's donation will be used to support college diversity and inclusion initiatives with an emphasis on research and mentorship opportunities for women. The donation will also provide increased resources to the Chemical Engineering department, by way of new equipment and enhanced lab space.

“Valero is proud to support the BYU College of Engineering in ways that directly benefit the next generation of engineers – from laboratories to equipment to scholarships to mentorships for women," said Lane Riggs, Valero Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We want our investment to be a platform where students can learn and are positioned to excel in their engineering careers."

One of the Engineering Building laboratories benefiting from the donation is the Chemical Engineering Fundamentals Lab, referred to by students and faculty as the Valero Teaching Lab. This space, located on the main floor of the building, allows for hands-on learning and teaching opportunities for undergraduate chemical engineering students.

Valero's contribution also benefits the Computer-aided Engineering Design and Manufacturing (CAEDM) Nexus, an open computing lab for all engineering majors. This fun, modern space allows students to engage in learning activities through computer-based and hands-on instruction, provides ample space for collaboration and team activities, and encourages creative thinking.

The Hardware Proving Grounds, located on the “Innovation Floor," also benefits from Valero's donation. This area encourages teamwork and collaboration via large work areas where students can assemble and store large projects and test innovative ideas. The layout of this space encourages hard work and creativity through its industrial-themed design.

Finally, future recipients of the “Valero Scholarship" will benefit from tuition assistance as they pursue their engineering education.

“Our graduates who have taken positions at Valero have thrived as a result of Valero's positive and empowering corporate culture and their appreciation of the maturity and preparation of our graduates," says BYU College of Engineering Dean Michael Jensen. “We are very grateful for this generous gift that allows us to offer even more opportunities that help students develop the types of skills that make them an asset to our loyal recruiters."

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