Shift workers in Operations at Valero Pembroke refinery have donated £25,000 to PATCH to help those in need who are struggling during this difficult time. Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship – PATCH – has been has giving free food parcels, clothing and household items to those in financial need in Pembrokeshire since 2008.

The workers are employed by the refinery to keep it operating in shifts, night and day. They canvassed opinion among themselves and decided together to make the large donation to PATCH.

This act of generosity will help provide local families in Pembrokeshire with the necessities that they need while the lockdown continues and beyond.

PATCH is struggling to deal with the safety requirements of working safely together and dealing with the public. It has temporarily closed two of its sites to concentrate its volunteers and food in three of its bases.

Tracy Olin (pictured, in pink top), PATCH Manager, said, “When Valero called I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We have never received such a large donation, and it’s almost half of our total income for last year.

“This will help so much as we’ve seen such an increase in clients and we’ve had to change some of the way we do things to make sure all that need to can access our donations. This has all put a financial strain on our work. We cannot thank the staff enough for their continued support.”

Stephen Thornton, Manager Public Affairs said, “The shift workers from the Valero Operations Department at Pembroke refinery are delighted to be able to make this donation. PATCH is at the front line in delivering provisions and the Ops team have collectively decided to donate towards helping families who are disadvantaged in our local community. We are all in this together and everyone is keen to help. The health and safety of our communities come first for us and we stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder with everyone.”