The Valero McKee refinery celebrates becoming Valero’s newest and 10th refinery in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Refinery employees and corporate guests, including Valero’s refinery managers from across the company, wore Valero jersey as a reminder that it takes a team to earn this highly regarded safety recognition.

This voluntary program is rooted in a strong demonstration of workplace safety. Lauren Bird, vice president and general manager of the McKee refinery, share his thoughts about McKee’s safety journey, along with a quote from former secretary of treasury Paul O’Neill who said safety is nothing more than caring about another person as a human being. “All of us know there is a purpose and reason why we do things the way we do, why we try to be safe,” said Bird.

During the celebration, Lane Riggs, executive vice president and chief operating officer, who began in career at McKee, reflected on the employees who have been part of the refinery’s history.

“We’re standing on their shoulders, and they helped form many of us,” Riggs said. “On behalf of the corporation, and on a personal note, I am so proud of McKee, and where they are today, especially in achieving the OSHA VPP star.”

Valero leads all companies with the most petroleum refineries approved as OSHA VPP star sites, the highest plant-safety recognition. The company goes beyond the regulatory compliance in voluntarily submitting to rigorous safety audits under the program. Facilities passing the audits, establishing that they have implemented continuous enhanced safety systems, are approved as VPP star sites.