Valero’s has partnered with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation near the company’s St. Charles refinery in Louisiana for more than 10 years. Our work together demonstrates environmental engagement and the broad social impact it can have.

Valero has assisted the foundation on multiple tree-planting projects, including in 2018 when a group of Valero volunteers helped plant approximately 500 cypress trees in the LaBranche Wetlands. Restoring the swamp in front of the levees with tree-planting is important to protect the area from hurricanes. 

For the past three years, Valero employees have taken part in tree-planting in the area with a total of about 2,000 trees bolstering wetlands. 

Dr. John Lopez, Coastal Sustainability Program Director for the nonprofit foundation, said the group works with a lot of different industries, but Valero “stands out. Their employees care about this area just like we do.” 

For the latest project, Valero also donated funds to help cover supplies, airboat rental (the only way to get around) and other costs relating to planting and monitoring growth of the trees. 

“Being environmentally friendly is part of Valero’s mission,” said Taryn Rogers, Lead Community Relations Specialist for the St. Charles refinery. “When we heard about the project, we just couldn’t wait to get involved.” 

Watch Valero St. Charles Refinery volunteers plant cypress trees in the Louisiana LaBranche Wetlands.