Projects in the Works

See the projects we're undertaking to enhance our refining and renewable fuel operations.

Valero Port Arthur Refinery Coker

Port Arthur Coker

The 55,000-barrel-per-day delayed coker and sulfur recovery unit creates two independent coker trains which should improve turnaround efficiency, reduce maintenance-related lost margin opportunity and increase heavy-sour crude oil and residual processing capacity and light products yield.

Expected startup 2023.

Valero Houston Refinery Alkylation Unit

Houston and St. Charles Alkylation Units

Alkylation units upgrade low-value feedstocks into high-value gasoline blendstocks to meet increasing octane demand due to Tier 3 sulfur regulations and CAFE standards.

Houston alkylation unit started up in 2019. St. Charles alkylation unit expected startup 2020.

Valero Pembroke Refinery

Pembroke Cogeneration Unit

Cogeneration systems improve supply reliability for power and steam and reduce costs.

Expected startup 2021.

Diamond Green Diesel plant in St. Charles, LA.

Diamond Green Diesel Expansion (DGD)

Independent parallel renewable diesel plant and renewable naphtha finishing facility adjacent to the existing St. Charles plant with a combined total production capacity of 700 million gallons per year. Startup expected in 2021.

DGD is in the process of an advanced engineering review for a potential new 470 million gallons per year renewable diesel plant in Port Arthur, Texas which, if approved, would be operational in 2023.