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Got questions? We've got answers.

  • Where is ValeroPay+ accepted?

    You can view participating locations by selecting the map feature within ValeroPay+. If you see a station that’s missing from the map or shown in the wrong place, please contact Valero support at 888-682-5376 or in the ValeroPay+ app by navigating to Settings and selecting Help/About.

  • What happens if I didn't receive the discounted offer?

    If an offer was not applied on your completed transaction, we’re here to help. Please contact Valero support at 888-682-5376 or in the ValeroPay+ app by navigating to Settings and selecting Help/About.

  • How do I add my Valero® Credit Card in the app?

    Navigate to the settings menu located at the bottom right of the home page under

    "More". Select the Payment Methods tab, then select the gray “+” button. Now, select the payment method “Valero Credit Card”. Because you already own a Valero Credit Card, select “Yes” to link to your existing card. Next, enter your 15-digit card number, your card expiration date, and finally your 5-digit zip code. Your Credit Card will be added to your mobile wallet instantly and you can begin purchasing with ValeroPay+.

  • Valero ValuePay asks for my bank information. Is it safe?

    Yes. You can securely link your checking account and use Valero ValuePay to purchase fuel and convenience store items. The security resources we’ve added make sure the information you enter is accurate and protects your personal information.

  • How do I change my notification preferences?

    Opting into receiving notifications is highly recommended for staying up-to-date on new offers and discounts! Select the More button and navigate to Settings. Then select Notifications to customize your Notification settings.

  • Where can I change my password?

    In the More section, select Settings and navigate to Security. Select Forgot Password button and follow the prompts on the screen to change your password.

  • How do I delete my account or withdraw consent?

    In the More section, select Privacy & Terms. If you choose to delete your account, all of your information will be permanently removed; your transaction history will no longer be available.

    If you choose to withdraw consent, you can opt out and suspend your account until you log in again and opt back in.

Need more help? Reach out to us.