Searching for an Opening

keyword search

Use open text boxes to search for jobs by keywords and/or locations

  • Keyword searches job titles and job descriptions
  • Location searches the location assigned to the job
filter by location

Filter by location and/or job field

Use menus to select location and/or job category.

  • Location searches the location assigned to the job
  • Job Field searches by the job category (i.e., engineering or human resources) assigned to the job

You can search by multiple locations or job fields. Expand your search by selecting more than one job field or location in the search parameters. Remove a job field or location by unchecking the box.

Saving your search

Save your job searches to refer back to later

  • Create a user account
  • Select Save this Search in the upper left of the search page
  • Name the search in the Search Name field
  • Click Save this Search