3 Internship Programs - For college-level students to choose their Valero experience

Summer Icon

Summer Internship

Business & Engineering

12-week long program

Mid-May through mid-August

40 hours per week

Spring Icon

Spring Co-op or Fall Co-op


16-week program

During traditional spring or fall semester

40 hours per week

Ongoing internship icon

On-Going Internship


Year-long program

40 hours per week in summer

20+ hours per week during traditional spring and fall semesters.

Engineering Internships

Preparing engineering students for a future working in the energy industry.

Summer interns and fall and spring co-op engineering interns work mostly at our refinery or renewables sites, which operate 24/7/365.

  • Engineering Icon

    Chemical Engineering: Refining

    Process Engineering

    Works with field operators, console operators and unit managers to provide optimization, troubleshooting advice and generalized technical guidance on operating units within refinery.

    Environmental Engineering

    Assists with compliance reports and emission tracking. Performs and reports daily emissions calculations. Reviews and incorporates regulatory updates.

    Process Controls Engineering

    Supports refineries through control and instrument activities. Supports hardware and software platforms. Troubleshoots when necessary.

  • Engineering Icon

    Mechanical Engineering: Refining

    Reliability Engineering

    Troubleshoots equipment operation and maintenance problems. Analyzes equipment performance. Implements programs to improve reliability and decrease reactive maintenance.

    Project Engineering

    Develops and engineers project scope for variety of capital expense and maintenance projects. Supports timely and efficient project execution.

  • Engineering Icon

    Electrical Engineering: Refining

    Electrical (Power) Engineering

    Responsible for overall safety and reliability of industrial power distribution system. Supports refinery projects by developing equipment design specifications, performing engineering design reviews and providing startup/commissioning technical support. Develops and leads electrical reliability improvement initiatives.

    Process Controls Engineering

    Develops and implements process control schemes in plant-distributed control system. Recommends options to improve refinery operations.

    Instrument Engineering

    Provides technical expertise for specification, design, purchase and commission of process instruments. Designs instrumented systems such as programmable logic controllers and safety-rated logic solvers. Troubleshoots instrument problems for operations and maintenance.

  • Safety Icon

    Safety: Refining

    Safety Engineering

    Maintains records to demonstrate compliance. Supports opportunity projects and evaluates process changes and new chemicals for safety impact or compliance.

    Process Safety Engineering

    Supports development, implementation, review, audit, promotion and revision of Process Safety and Risk Management Program.

  • Project Constructcion

    Project Construction: Refining

    Supports Refinery Turnaround and Capital Project groups with planning, construction, logistics and health and safety issues.

  • Renewable Engineering Icon

    Renewable Engineering


    At our ethanol plants we seek chemical, mechanical and biosystems engineering majors who are passionate about alternative energy. Interns learn about ethanol production and play a key role in the safe and effective day-to-day operations at the plant.


    The Renewables division offers two programs: a co-op program and on-going intern program. Students see projects from conception to completion. At the plant, you will interact daily with personnel from engineering, maintenance, operations, laboratory, shipping/receiving and administrative area and your experience may include problem-solving in solids handling, fluid transport, heat exchange, or biological processes.

Business Internships

Preparing business students for a future working in the energy industry.

Summer and ongoing business interns are located at Valero’s corporate headquarters in San Antonio, TX.

  • Business Communications Icons

    Business Communications

    • Develop and draft news articles for internal portal
    • Assist with community service and outreach events
    • Support communications projects and execute strategies.
  • Investments Icon

    Forecasting and Investments

    • Prepare and distribute daily reports to management. Balance daily cash forecasts
    • Assist in debt portfolio analyses, covenant reviews and management reporting
    • Assist in financial ratio preparation and analysis, investment fund asset review and performance reports
  • Information Services Icon

    Information Services (I/S)

    • Work with relational databases to provide business reporting and key performance indicators 
    • Build test scripts for project enhancements, assist with user-acceptance testing
    • Collaborate with refineries to build/standardize work efficiencies and processes using system solutions
    • Perform analysis and design for applications, and recommend quality solutions for business processes 
    • Innovate and enhance technological solutions.
  • Accounting Icon

    Accounting / Audit

    • Prepare monthly financial reports, account reconciliations, month-end accruals and tax returns
    • Process payables and research tax compliance
    • Create and maintain accounting analyses. Assist with audit project planning and testing
    • Validate information on purchase invoices for multiple vendors
  • Marketing & Supply Icon

    Commercial Supply & Trading

    • Collaborate on projects for Transportation, Product Supply, Wholesale, Trading and Reporting Analytics
    • Evaluate historical transportation route behaviors; create custom voyage expectations to better predict product arrival times 
    • Use statistical analysis to evaluate optimal product and market to capture highest margin
    • Analyze company hedge strategy; identify opportunities for improved margin capture
    • Validate transfer cost assumptions for freight impacts to trading book
    • Analyze Mexico market to identify optimal wholesale strategy around key supply points.
  • Legal Icon


    • Assist Legal Department with preparation and review of documents such as pleadings, affidavits, contracts and trial notebooks 
    • Attend client meetings, depositions and court hearings with in-house and outside counsel alongside company representation
    • Research applicable areas of law and prepare memoranda in concert with company representation
    • Assist in file maintenance and organization.
  • Human Resources Icon

    Human Resources

    • May be located at San Antonio or a refinery
    • Assist with site-specific recruiting efforts
    • Support development of training materials
    • Assist with development, review, and communication of company practices and policies
    • Prepare routine and ad hoc reports as needed
    • Exposure to unions at refineries and handling personnel issues.

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