Valero invests in logistics assets to support our refining and renewables operations.

Logistic Assets

  • ~3,000 miles of active pipelines 

  • 200+ truck rack bays 

  • ~5,250 purchased railcars

  • Two Panamax class vessels 

  • 50+ docks

  • ~130 million barrels of storage capacity for crude oil and products 

Includes assets that have other joint venture or minority interests. Railcars includes ethanol assets.



Supporting our North American Refineries and Ethanol Plants

We use approximately 12,000 owned or leased rail cars to transport raw materials and finished products. Rail supports our business lines including all transportation fuels, liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, fuel oil, sulfur, aromatics and other specialty products.

Close up of boat and rope tied to boat


Global operations over oceans and rivers

We contract with entities to use barges and ocean-going ships to transport raw materials to our refineries, and deliver finished products to our customers after an extensive vetting process to ensure safe operations.

We actively charter equipment on both a spot and term basis, using both American-flag and foreign-flag ocean-going vessels




Delivering products across the country

We ship crude oil from the wellhead to our refineries and storage terminals and transport finished products like gasoline via pipelines.

Large truck


End-to-End Service

We use shippers to deliver raw materials to our operations and finished fuel products to our customers to ensure they receive the type and amount of liquid product they want, where and when they want it, and efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Safe Operations

We are committed to safe, reliable and environmentally responsible operations. By continually reviewing safety issues and working with transportation partners with excellent safety records, we work hard to keep our communities, employees and environment safe while transporting crude oil and refined fuel and other products around the world.

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