The Valero Memphis Refinery is located on 250 acres along the Mississippi River's Lake McKellar, enabling it to serve many upriver markets at a significant cost advantage. It is one of four refineries acquired in the purchase of Premcor in 2005. The refinery's crude oil supply is primarily from Cushing, Oklahoma, over the Diamond Pipeline. Crude oil can also be received, along with other feedstocks, via barge. Most of the refinery's products are distributed via truck rack and barges.

By the Numbers

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Refinery Products

The Valero Memphis refinery produces gasoline, diesel and jet fuels, and: 

  • Nearly 100 percent of production in light products including regular and premium gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and petrochemicals
  • Primarily processes light and sweet crude oil received through the Diamond pipeline, which can transport up to 200,000 barrels per day of domestic sweet crude from Cushing, Okla. directly to the refinery.

Snapshots of Memphis Refinery & Community

In Our Community

Memphis Employees Give Back

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Charitable Donations

  • Provided $4.3 Million to local charities since 2007 through funds raised by the Valero Texas Open Benefit for Children
  • Employees pledged more than $423,000 to support United Way. Along with our corporate contribution our total was nearly $665,500.
Valero volunteer at food bank

Volunteering Time

  • 3,956 refinery volunteer hours in 2019.
  • Recognized by the United Way of the Mid-South with three awards: Best Team Effort, Best Difference Maker and Best Game Changer.
Valero volunteer working at food bank

Community Partnerships

The refinery partners with the United Way, Feed the Needy, Boy Scouts of America and Knowledge Quest, among others.

Valero volunteer planting tree

Environmentally Responsible Operations

  • The refinery reduced flaring by more than 80% over last five years
  • Memphis Refinery received Valero’s Chairman Award for Environmental Excellence in 2016.
Valero fire truck and fireman

Safety Awards & Honors

  • The Memphis Refinery received a Safety Achievement Award in 2017 from American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), the industry's major trade association, judged on a range of occupational and process safety indicators
  • Twice a year, the refinery conducts emergency preparedness drills involving both federal, state and local agencies
  • Refinery conducts monthly emergency response training drills in to prepare responders should they ever need to respond to a fire, hazmat release, rescue or oil spill.

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