Hartley Ethanol Employees

Our Products

We use the entire kernel of corn to produce: 

  • Ethanol. A clean-burning, high-octane renewable fuel that is blended with gasoline.
  • Distillers grains, dried or modified (wet). Protein, fat, fiber and other solids from the fermenting process. This is used as a high-value feed for cattle, swine and poultry.
  • Fuel-and feed-grade corn oil. Used to make renewable diesel fuel and livestock feed.


What is Ethanol?

Learn more about this low-carbon renewable fuel, how it is produced at our facilities, and how it produces multiple products that are used across the globe.

Ethanol Plants

Overview of Our Ethanol Plants

  • 12 Ethanol Plants
  • 1.6 billion gallons per year
  • Developing carbon sequestration to further reduce carbon intensity
  • Existing logistics assets well positioned to support export growth
  • Ethanol has at least 30% lower Life Cycle GHG Emissions, compared with Petroleum Gasoline
  • ~800 employees
  • World’s 2nd largest corn ethanol producer

Helping Our Environment
Our ethanol lowers life cycle greenhouse gas emissions up to 30%, compared to non-blended gasoline.

Valero's ethanol overview inforgraphic

Ethanol Plants

Learn More About Our Ethanol Plants

Through subsidiaries, Valero owns 12 ethanol plants in the United States.


Farmers Work Hard to Produce and Harvest Corn

At Valero, we work hard to maximize the value of U.S. corn production by connecting farmers to premium markets across the globe.