​Valero is a vehicle for progress, producing cleaner-burning gasoline, diesel, ethanol-blended fuels and much more.


Valero offers quality gasoline, pay-at-the-pump convenience and quick and friendly service.

Valero provides high-quality low-sulfur, ultra-low-sulfur and CARB diesel fuel products.

Jet Fuel 
Valero produces approximately 200,000 barrels per day of kerosene-based products such as commercial jet fuel, JP-8, JP-5, DEFSTAN, kerosene and ultra-low-sulfur kerosene.

Valero produces ethanol and distillers grains feed products from its 11 Valero ethanol plants in the Midwest.

Specialty Products

Valero produces elemental sulfur with a combined annual production of 1.2 million tons. Annually, the company's U.S. Gulf Coast region produces 1.0 million tons, the West Coast region produces 150,000 tons, Mid-Continent region produces 40,000 tons.  Valero also produces sulfur in Quebec and in the UK.

Sulfur Sales Contacts
Evelyn Jimenez, Marketing Manager
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210-345- 2620
210-370-4159 fax

Sulfur Sales-West Coast
Sulfur Scheduling Contacts
Thomas McSween, Scheduler
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Tim Crown, Scheduler
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806-356-0043 fax