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Our Mission

The Valero Foundation collaborates with nonprofit partners across the United States to foster improved quality of life and create measurable impact where unmet needs exist in communities.

Our Priorities

The Valero Foundation strives to close gaps in four areas:

  • Basic Needs/Social Services
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Civic and Culture

    Basic Needs and Social Services
    We believe in providing for basic needs such as food, shelter and safety for the working poor, elderly and those struck by unexpected life circumstances or natural disasters.

    Health Care
    We seek opportunities to support the development of strategic community health resources, facilities and services that will serve the current and long-term needs of all.

    We believe that education creates a necessary foundation for all children to thrive and for adults to lead productive lives. Investment in education is also the key to end the cycle of poverty and dependency for future generations.

    Civic and Culture

    Valero believes that the company’s success is directly correlated to the success of the communities where its employees work and live. That is why it sponsors and supports the Valero Energy Foundation and its multitude of diverse projects that positively contribute to the economic and cultural success of communities and play a meaningful role in shaping the future.

Valero Energy Foundation SAFE Fund

​The Valero Energy Foundation Support Aid for Family Emergencies (SAFE) Fund is for active U.S. employees of Valero and its affiliates and subsidiaries who are experiencing a catastrophic event in their lives that creates a significant financial hardship. It is to be used strictly for emergency situations, which include catastrophic events that create a significant financial need for the applicant.

Learn more about the Valero Energy SAFE Fund.

If you are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission aligns with our funding priorities,
Apply for a Valero Energy Foundation Grant.

     Valero donates to American Red Cross



Joseph W. Gorder
John P. Locke
John L. Perry
Sylvia C. Rodriguez
Donna M. Titzman
Laura J. Vaccaro

J. Stephen Gilbert, Senior Vice President and Secretary
Joseph W. GorderPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Troy F. Haby, Corporate Sponsorship Officer
Ethan A. Jones, Assistant Secretary
John L. Perry, Senior Vice President

Christopher J. Quinn, Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Sylvia C. Rodriguez, Executive Director
Donna M. Titzman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Laura J. Vaccaro, Vice President
Stephanie A. Wersell, Vice President and Tax Director