​Valero is a vehicle for progress, producing cleaner-burning gasoline, diesel, ethanol-blended fuels and much more.


Valero offers quality gasoline, pay-at-the-pump convenience and quick and friendly service.

Valero provides high-quality low-sulfur, ultra-low-sulfur and CARB diesel fuel products.

Jet Fuel 
Valero produces approximately 200,000 barrels per day of kerosene-based products such as commercial jet fuel, JP-8, JP-5, DEFSTAN, kerosene and ultra-low-sulfur kerosene.

Valero produces ethanol and distillers grains feed products from its 11 Valero ethanol plants in the Midwest.

Specialty Products

Valero produces a complete line of hydrotreated naphthenic base oil products at the Three Rivers refinery (Texas). The Valero naphthenic oils are available in a wide range of viscosities and are typically used in applications such as transformer oil, coolants, solvents, cutting fluids, explosives, tire, rubber, adhesives, plastics and many other lubricant applications.

Valero Naphthenic Oil Specifications

Medium and Heavy Pale Oil SDS

40-100 and Light Pale Oil SDS

Base Oils Sales Contacts
Evelyn Andazola, Marketing Manager
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Naphthenic Scheduler Contacts
Jessica Martinez, Scheduler
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210-370-4870 fax

John Kimbrough, Scheduler
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210-378-4976 fax
Customer Service & Inquiries
General Inquiries
Valero Marketing and Supply Co.
 Naphthenic Oils
P.O. Box 696000
San Antonio, Texas  78269-6000
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Customer Service
Naphthenic Oils
P.O. Box 696000
San Antonio, Texas  78269- 6000
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Valero produces nitration grade toluene and mixed xylenes used in adhesives, coatings, paints, surfactants, fuels, fuel additives, oilfield chemicals and many other applications.

Valero Nitration Grade Toluene Specification

Valero Mixed Xylene Specification

Valero Nitration Grade Toluene SDS

Valero Mixed Xylene SDS

Solvents Sales Contacts
Cliff Chang, Marketing Manager
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John Kimbrough, Sr Scheduler
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210-370-4870 fax