The Parc Valero Les Écarts is a beautiful park adjacent to the Jean-Gaulin refinery. In 2003,  Valero purchased the park and has invested in its revitalization by planting more than 11,000 trees to enhance the urban forest which stretches across 65 hectare or 160 acres of land. The park is home to many different species of birds, plants and flowers and is also visited by many nature lovers, hikers and cyclists throughout the year. But for a few days in the summer, the park transforms into a classroom for a local group of students.

Since 2010, students from the L'Auberivière primary school have participated in Valero’s ‘green’ classes. Students are led through the park on a guided three-hour hike where they have the opportunity to interact with various animals such as lizards, snakes, ferrets and other small exotic animals.

This year, 125 third graders were invited to attend Valero’s ‘green’ classes. The refinery created the program to teach students about conservation and the importance of preserving natural resources as well as taking eco-responsible actions. Organizers selected the L'Auberivière school to participate because of its proximity to the refinery in Lévis, Quebec. Since the program began in 2010, the refiner has hosted more than 1,000 students at the Parc.