Community Outreach

Valero aims to treat its fence-line neighbors fairly, regardless of race, color, national origin, culture or income. We work to ensure that our neighbors have an opportunity to understand our proposed activities, and to provide them with a meaningful opportunity to have their concerns heard, with the goal of providing them with greater comfort in our operations.

We strive to be a good neighbor and the first major energy company to adopt a formal environmental justice policy.

Why We Are a Good Neighbor

Valero's "Gumbo Giveaway" event at the Port Arthur Refinery

Families in West Port Arthur were treated to home-cooked gumbo and barbecue along with Valero fuel cards as part of a month-long community celebration. This joint effort between the Port Arthur refinery team, led by Vice President and General Manager Mark Skobel, and hometown activist Hilton Kelley, founder and director of Community In-Power and Development Association Inc. (CIDA).

Valero has a history of partnering with all of its communities and was the first major energy company to adopt a formal environmental justice policy aimed at improving the quality of life of its friends and neighbors in the communities where it operates. 


Fence-Line Neighbors

We diligently look for ways to build relationships with our fence-line communities and improve the quality of life for our neighbors in areas such as basic needs, healthcare, education and employment.