Valero’s commitment to the environment and our community partners is demonstrated by our actions, like Valero Volunteers stepping up to plant trees during a volunteer event, benefitting the Galveston Bay Foundation in Kemah, Texas.

“Valero is an important partner to help support all the efforts that are going on in the community,” said Bob Stokes, President of the Galveston Bay Foundation. “We both care about the bay and it’s in both of our interests to make sure that the bay is a clean and healthy place.”

The tree planting event is just one example of Valero’s ongoing partnership with the Galveston Bay Foundation. Valero also provided a $25,000 donation to the organization to support habitat restoration, and planned another volunteer event to help the foundation with its oyster reef restoration projects. 

Planting trees and other flora helps restore valuable habitats and provides a safe refuge for local wildlife while reducing erosion and stormwater runoff.

“Thank you, Valero, for volunteering,” said Greg Loushine, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Galveston Bay Foundation. “Your group did an incredible job and went above and beyond.” He added that the staff was shocked by the number of trees volunteers planted and that they are looking forward to future projects with Valero.

Volunteers had a goal of planting 80 trees, roughly four saplings per volunteer, but ended up planting 140 in the area.

The tree planting event was held on the foundation’s new property, which will eventually house its future headquarters, the Gessner Center. The center will act as a gathering place for the community and will educate adults and students about Galveston Bay, conservation and the importance of water.

Watch "Valero Volunteers from the Houston and Texas City Refineries Go 'Above and Beyond' Planting Trees for Galveston Bay Foundation"