Valero Wins Two Innovation Awards

Advancing the future of energy requires innovation in many forms, and Valero's efforts were recently honored by American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM).  
Valero was awarded two Innovation Awards, which were given to the Ardmore and Benicia refineries.
In 2020, AFPM introduced the 'Innovation Awards' to recognize refineries and petrochemical facilities that have developed unique and innovative programs to identify and manage operating risks. Valero has been a repeat winner of this prestigious award, having won a total of six innovation awards since the program began.

Each winning site identified a safety challenge, developed a solution, and then achieved improvements from the innovative program or practice.

At the Ardmore refinery, the team designed a safer windsock assembly both in overall installation and wind sock replacement. Windsocks are essential safety tools needed to determine wind direction. If they are not in place due to difficulty in replacement, the refinery is missing a tool for safety. This newly designed windsock assembly can be installed by two personnel without the assistance of a crane or lifting device. The windsock replacement on the new assembly can easily be completed by one person.

At the Benicia refinery, the site created a “Trivia Truck" video series to increase employee knowledge, involvement and engagement in safety programs. Loosely based on the popular game show Cash Cab, the host drives around and picks up an employee to answer trivia questions based on VPP and refinery safety initiatives as they drive to another location. The contestant is rewarded for correct answers and has the option to get help from coworkers. At the final destination, the employee performs an audit for extra points. This program has provided the site with a tool to engage employees in a way that catches their attention. Employees have become more familiar with safety protocol and the different aspects that make up Valero's safety culture.