The Valero Wilmington Refinery is located near Los Angeles. The refinery is adjacent to the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The refinery is connected by pipeline to marine terminals and associated dock facilities that move and store crude oil and other feedstocks. Refined petroleum products are distributed via pipeline systems to various third-party terminals in southern California, Nevada and Arizona.


Wilmington by the numbers

  • ~390 employees
  • 135,000 barrels per day (bpd) throughput capacity
  • Produces CARBOB gasoline, diesel, CARB diesel, jet fuel and asphalt
  • Produces 15% of the asphalt supply in Southern California
  • The Wilmington refinery installed a cogeneration system that is fueled by clean natural gas and produces approximately 31 megawatts of electricity that no longer needs to be supplied by the Los Angeles power grid. The amount produced is enough to power 5,741 homes.
  • Contributed more than $762,000 for the 2024 United Way campaign
  • More than 7,800 hours volunteered at Wilmington in 2023
Valero tanker truck

Refinery Products

The Valero Wilmington Refinery processes a blend of heavy and high-sulfur crude oils and produces:

  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) gasoline
  • Diesel
  • CARB diesel
  • Jet fuel
  • Asphalt (15% of the asphalt supply in southern California.)

Snapshots of Wilmington Refinery & Community

In Our Community

Wilmington Employees Give Back

Wilmington Location Backdrop

Charitable Donations

  • Valero donated $100,000 to EXP, the Opportunity Engine, which helps prepare students for future careers. 

  • Provided $125,000 in 2021 to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to support its STEM education programming. 

  • In 2023, Valero hosted its annual Surf for Charity event, which raised more than $46,000 for U.S. VETS™. 


Valero Volunteer handing ice cream to young girl

Volunteering Time

Employees logged more than 42,800 volunteer hours since 2018 with organizations in Wilmington and surrounding communities.


Community Partnerships

  • Valero volunteers completed two giant murals as part of a beautification project at a neighboring school, Hawaiian Avenue Elementary.

  • Valero worked with ESP Education and Leadership Institute in supporting its “BOSS” program, which provides year-round programming that includes academic coaching, mentoring, real-world experiences and opportunities for advocacy.

Valero fire truck and fireman

Safety Awards & Honors

  • AFPM Elite Silver Award for 2022 at the Wilmington Asphalt Plant

  • 2021 AFPM Safety Achievement Award recipient

  • ZERO employee recordable injuries in 2021

  • ZERO Tier 1 process safety events in 2021

  • 2021 Elite Silver Award to Wilmington Asphalt Plant for performance in the top 10 percentile of industry safety.

Local Information

  • About Wilmington

    Wilmington is a neighborhood in the Los Angeles Harbor region of Los Angeles, California. It covers 9.14 square miles and has a heavy concentration of industry. It is the third-largest oil field in the continental United States. 

    Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second most populous in the United States. It’s often referred to by its initials L.A. The current population is nearly four million. L.A. is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. 

    The city is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity and rich cultural heritage, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and its sprawling metropolis.

  • Things to Do in Los Angeles

    Space Shuttle Endeavour

    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Getty Center

    Art galleries and urban art

    Michelin-starred restaurants

    Multicultural neighborhoods

    75 miles of coastline

    Hundreds of miles of bike and hiking trails


  • Weather

    Summers are warm, arid, and clear. Winters are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy. 

    Temperatures typically vary from 48°F to 85°F throughout the year. It is rarely below 42°F or above 93°F. 

  • Professional Sports Teams

    •    Los Angeles Lakers (basketball)

    •    Los Angeles Clippers (basketball)

    •    Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball) 

    •    Los Angeles Kings (hockey) 

    •    Los Angeles Galaxy (soccer) 

    •    Los Angeles Rams (football) 


  • Proximity to Major Cities

    •    Los Angeles, CA: 25 miles

    •    San Diego, CA: 113 miles

    •    Santa Barbara, CA: 114 miles


  • Helpful Links

    •    Los Angeles https://www.lacity.org/

    •    Discover L.A. https://www.discoverlosangeles.com/

    •    The City of Los Angeles https://ctd.lacity.org/

    •    Los Angeles Magazine https://www.lamag.com/

    •    Chamber of Commerce https://lachamber.com/

    •    Sports and Entertainment Commission http://lasec.net/

    •    LA Public Schools https://achieve.lausd.net/


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