​Corporate & Business Internships

Information Services Interns

Information Services (I/S) interns receive many opportunities for training and development, including learning sessions with management, technical training and certification programs. I/S internships typically are summer opportunities beginning in May and ending in August. I/S interns have the opportunity to work on many exciting projects in the following departments:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application and Web Development
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Information Security
  • System Administration

Accounting Interns

Interns in Valero’s accounting departments have the opportunity to work year-round while attending school. Ongoing interns work 20-30 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters, and full-time during the summer. Accounting interns participate in the Rotation Program to gain various skill sets, learn about the core business and receive a more in-depth knowledge of Valero’s multiple accounting areas:

  • Inventory Accounting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Reporting
  • Bulk Finished Product
  • Secondary Cost Accounting
  • Refinery Accounting
  • Tax

Business Interns

Students majoring in general business have many opportunities to contribute to the success of Valero. Opportunities are available for both summer and year-round internships for students majoring in general business or related degree plans. Opportunities for business majors are available in the following departments:

  • Wholesale Economics and Operations
  • Wholesale Brands
  • Customer Support Services
  • Wholesale Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Business Development
  • Commercial Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications

Refinery Engineering Internships

Begin your engineering career with an internship at one of Valero’s refineries. With a mentorship program and many exciting projects, the Valero Internship Program has much to offer students. Engineering internships typically are summer opportunities beginning in May and ending in August. Valero interns have the opportunity to work on many exciting projects at refineries.

  • Examples of intern projects include: catalyst loading, Veritech energy modeling, PHA revalidations, maintenance repairs and installations, mechanical seal upgrades, salt filter designs and bio-solids processing options.
  • Mentors and managers work closely with interns to ensure safety and answer any questions along the way.
  • Engineering interns are provided performance goals prior to beginning a project and evaluated at the end of the internship.
  • Engineering interns are required to give presentations at the end of their internship to supervisors and refinery leadership.

The Valero Engineering Technical Excellence Program (ETEP) is available to all full-time, early-career engineers, with courses including: Basics of Refining, Safety in Process Design, Coking/Hydrocracking, Wastewater Treatment, Interpersonal Relationships and Technical Writing.

Renewable Energy Internships

If you’re a college student looking to obtain a career as an engineer in the renewable energy sector, we have a unique opportunity for you. At Valero Renewables, we seek chemical, mechanical and biological systems majors who are passionate about alternative energy. As an intern/co-op in the Renewable Energy division, you will learn about production of ethanol, an environmentally friendly source of high-octane renewable fuel produced by fermenting converted corn starch with yeast. Students play a key role in day-to-day operations at the plant and ensuring that the plant operates properly and smoothly.

Typically, Valero Renewables participates in a co-op program in which students work two consecutive co-op terms (i.e., Summer through Fall, OR Spring through Summer). By participating in this program, students are employed by Valero for approximately 32 weeks and are able to maximize their time spent with the company for a longer period of time while earning additional income. For the duration of the co-op, students are able to see projects from the concept phase to the completion stage which is very rewarding for the student.

 At the plant, interns come in contact with all departments and will interact daily with personnel from engineering, maintenance, operations, laboratory, shipping/receiving, and administrative areas dependent on the projects they are working on at that specific time. Some skills you can expect to acquire from the internship would be:

  • Problem-solving in different areas, solids handling, fluid transport, heat exchange, biological processes
  • Exposure to work involving chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and biosystems engineering
  • Time management and prioritization of work
  • Communication skills (written, verbal, electronic)