Getting Started

​Valero provides excellent customer service by delivering the products business partners need when they need them, offering knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives and providing resources to make it easy to do business.

All New Customers

There are four forms that every new business customer must fill out and return to Valero. They can be faxed or emailed to the addresses at right. You may also want to read Valero’s  General Terms and Conditions.

Credit Application
Valero must review and approve your credit application in order for your company to buy products using a purchase order. Please click on these links if you are a U.K. or Ireland customer.

IRS Form W-9
This form is for Valero’s files only and will not be submitted to the IRS.

IRS Form W-13
This form to be used for disregarded entities only (along with W-9 form).

Truck Rack Customer Data Sheet
Complete all areas of this form and be sure to indicate how you would like to receive your invoices. Remember to designate your carrier.

Electronic Funds Transfer
If you purchase gasoline, diesel or related products, you must do so by electronic funds transfer. Please fill out an Electronic Funds Transfer Form.

Carrier Access Agreement
If you will be using your own fleet for transportation, please fill out a Carrier Access Agreement.

Asphalt Credit Package
The complete Asphalt Credit Package including all asphalt-specific forms.


Federal and State Exemption Forms

Federal and state tax exemption forms apply in certain circumstances and in various states. Please check to see if any of these forms apply.

​If you...

​Fill out...

​Will be purchasing taxable fuel in bulk. A Federal Registration number containing the letter "S" is required. Also known as a 637 registration.​Federal Taxable Fuel Registrant
​Will be purchasing blend stocks that will not be used to produce finished gasoline. You will agree not to claim a credit or refund from the IRS for any gasoline blend stocks covered by this certificate (annual renewal).Blend Stock Certificate
​Are an end-user who will purchase gasoline and/or diesel for the exclusive use of a nonprofit educational organization (annual renewal).Federal Excise Exemption for Nonprofit Education Organization
​Are an end-user who will purchase gasoline and/or diesel for the exclusive use of a state or local government (annual renewal).Federal Excise Exemption for State or Local Government
​Plan to purchase kerosene for use as a fuel in an aircraft. Certificate must include customer's Federal Registration number containing a "Y," an "S" or both (annual renewal).Federal Kerosene for Commercial Aviation or Nontaxable Use
​Hold permits to be exempted from sales tax in various states.Uniform Sales & Tax Certificate - Multi-jurisdiction
​Hold permits to be exempted from sales tax in Indiana.

Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption

Indiana Sales Tax Exemption ST105

​Hold a sales and use tax permit in Kentucky.Kentucky Resale Certificate
​Hold permits to be exempted from sales tax in New Jersey.

​New Jersey Sales Tax Form ST-3 (in state vendor)

New Jersey Sales Tax Form ST-3NR (out of state vendor)

Hold permits to be exempted from sales tax in New York.

​New York Exempt Use Certificate ST- 121

New York Resale Certificate ST-120

​​Hold permits to be exempted from sales tax in Pennsylvania.​​Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate