Safe and Efficient Disposal

Our plants are operated by personnel trained in wastewater management, and each of our facilities has a wastewater plant for treating process water and stormwater. Valero uses specialized bacteria that naturally digest oil and other components in our waste streams, before discharging the water or reusing it to irrigate nearby fields or in habitat tanks at local aquariums. 

A corporate wastewater technology adviser works with each plant to ensure our systems are designed and operated to the highest standards and to meet very stringent discharge limits.

Image Source: Texas State Aquarium

Wastewater Reduction

Valero Wastewater Management Infographic
Wastewater irrigating hay field

Reusing Treated Wastewater

The Three Rivers refinery in Texas treats wastewater and pipes it to 1,438 acres of nearby, privately owned farm land for irrigation, helping to produce 3,000 bales of hay annually for farms and ranches.

The project is in keeping with Valero’s overall efforts to reuse treated water, and is also effective in helping combat regional drought conditions.

“Each year, we have a new harvest of eco-friendly hay grown only with the treated water,” said Sergio Vera, who oversees the project as a Senior  Environmental Specialist at the refinery. “It’s a project we are very proud of, and everyone here feels good knowing that the water is being used in a safe and productive way.”