Valero's Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Training plays an important part in developing and maintaining the skills required to respond effectively to emergency situations. Valero is committed to providing each member of the Emergency Response Team the opportunity to attend training necessary for developing and maintaining the skills and knowledge required to be an ERT member. During training, ERT members prepare for a variety of scenarios, expand their skills, share information from experience and mentor new members. At each site, the ERT maintains strong relationships with local community response personnel by participating in joint drills and assessments. 

Frequent ERT training exercises promote excellent response readiness. 

Photo above: Ninety-three ERT members from 11 Valero refineries participated in the Corporate Rescue School in Salt Lake City. ERT members were immersed in a week-long program that included training on new techniques with equipment designed to make performing rescues more efficient 

during challenging scenarios.