How We Conserve Energy

Valero energy efficiency infographic
Valero Wilmington Refinery Cogeneration Unit

Cogeneration and Expanders


  • Boosting Power and Environmental Performance
  • Reducing Operating Expenses

Fueled by clean natural gas, our cogeneration plants reduce our reliance on local power grids, which are often less environmentally friendly and most costly.

Cogeneration represents a very efficient way of making power, with the steam recycled back into the refining process for other uses. Valero has cogeneration systems at Wilmington and Benicia, California; and Port Arthur, Texas, with under construction in Pembroke, United Kingdom.

Our expanders generate power from exhaust gases and displace more than 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually that otherwise would be generated by conventional power providers. Expanders are installed at six of our refineries. 

Cogeneration Plants and Expanders

Valero Cogeneration Infographic